The Most Embarrassing Celebrity Hacks

There have been a lot of instances of celebrities getting hacked, particularly over the past few years. Typically, celebs have had their Twitter accounts hacked, but other celebs social media accounts have been hacked into as well. Perhaps the most embarrassing by far is the hack that is now known as “The Fappening.”

“The Fappening,” occurred in 2014 and affected numerous celebrities. In this case, the hack could have easily been prevented if the affected parties had known some simple Internet security strategies to protect themselves. These kinds of cyberattacks occur frequently, and celebrities aren’t the only ones targeted.

On the bright side, celeb hacks could help the average Internet user realize they may need to be somewhat cautious whenever they use the net. So here are some of the most embarrassing celebrity hacks and how to avoid becoming a victim of the same!

“The Fappening”

Over 100 people were victimized by a hacker (or hackers) who used a phishing scam to lure iCloud users to hand over their login details. Celebrities such as Jennifer Lawrence, Jill Scott and Kate Upton were victimized, among others.

Unknown to a lot of iPhone users, iCloud was included with their service and uploaded photos from their phones to an online cloud storage account. Hackers decided to turn what should have been an asset to their customers into a major vulnerability.

iPhone users received emails from a fake account (the email listed the sender as “Appleprivacysecurity”) that the hacker was using to trick Apple’s customers into believing they were receiving an email from the company. They fooled people into handing over their login details, and celebrities were no exception.

For a time these hacks were anonymous, but the FBI recently received a confession from a man by the name of Ryan Collins who was apparently associated with as many as 100 of the stolen accounts.

The Apple hack is an important lesson to pay close attention to any messages received that appear to be sent from an organization or person you’re familiar with. Large corporations aren’t likely to ask you for login details through an email or text message, and their messages rarely contain grammatical errors.

Here is an example of what SMS phishing might look like so you can see how easy it can be to be fooled:

Celebrity Hacks

Notice that only some of the text is capitalized. Also, take a look at the sender. Though it is a text message, it looks like an email address sent it. Note the unusual web address, which includes numbers.

Established corporations such as banks rarely use web URLs ending in “.net.” Another way you can try to avoid this sort of situation is to be careful about what sorts of photos and videos you store on your phone!

Political Hacktivism

Celebrities involve themselves in more than just music or film. Sarah Silverman has been particularly active supporting the Democratic Party in the 2016 election, and that hasn’t gone unnoticed among hackers with differing views.

Just a few months ago, Sarah Silverman’s Twitter account was hacked and used to post a political video aimed at defaming Hillary Clinton. This move isn’t a surprising choice, as hackers frequently go after the social media accounts of public figures to get their message across to a wider audience.

Social Media Hacks

Socail Media Celebrity Hacks

In fact, celebs having their social media accounts hacked occurs so often that there are too many incidents to name all in one article! There’s certainly been no shortage of embarrassing moments during social media hacks, though. In many cases, the hacker posts via the social media account of the celeb. The post can include just about anything (usually embarrassing statements, but sometimes leaked photos which were probably obtained by the hacker when the celebs were using public WiFi).

Sometimes the hacker uses the celeb’s social media account to gain followers on their own page by sharing it with the fans of the celeb. Alternatively, they can spread hyperlinks around. When celebrities get hacked, there’s often no risk for the followers of the page, but whenever a hyperlink pops up, be careful. Sometimes hackers use other peoples’ social media accounts to spread malware, and they often do so by sharing hyperlinks to unsafe websites.

Many times the hacker is just trying to stir up trouble in any form. Usually, they just take their access to the celeb’s account as an opportunity to post embarrassing statements, sometimes targeted at other celebs or to trick the celeb’s fans. Some of the celebrities who have had this happen to them include Ashton Kutcher, Ja Rule, Gucci Mane, Lady Gaga and Selena Gomez (plus many more).

To avoid your accounts getting hacked, encrypt your Internet connection with a Virtual Private Network (VPN) so you can use any internet connection without the possibility of being spied on. Take a look at Secure Thoughts for some great VPN reviews that can help you understand why you might need a VPN service to protect yourself online. Be sure to strengthen your passwords, too!

Have you ever noticed when any of your favorite celebrities’ accounts have been hacked? What happened? Let us know in the comments section below.

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